Our Expertise

Our core L+R Hotels expertise is acquisition and development, together with all areas of asset management.

Acquisition and Development

L+R Hotels has a clear and successful expansion strategy for the group’s global hotel portfolio. We identify and negotiate deals that align with our global growth objectives, seeking and acquiring assets suitable for development, repositioning, conversion or change of use.

Our experts undertake all due diligence; market intelligence; funding; research; feasibility; branding; operating agreements and closing activities, for both open market sales and off-market opportunities.

We lead all negotiations with buyers, sellers and joint venture partners, through to closing the transaction. This often involves complex cross-border single asset and portfolio transactions, over multiple jurisdictions. On completion, we manage all aspects of the development, ensuring it becomes another valuable asset in the L+R Hotels portfolio.

Asset Management
Asset management

L+R Hotels is guided by a well-defined, rigorously applied Value Cycle of Asset Management, which maximises the value and effectiveness of our hotels and all the functions that determine their success. This approach delivers strong asset management, focusing on each key segment whilst bringing the entire cycle together to drive value and deliver consistently outstanding results for L+R Hotels.

The Value Cycle of Asset Management

Our Value Cycle of Asset Management policy covers all our areas of expertise:

  • Operational management
  • Finance
  • Food and Beverage
  • Revenue management
  • E-distribution
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Brand and product positioning
  • Human Resources
  • Capital planning and execution
  • Construction
  • Design
We regularly analyse each area: scrutinising costs, evaluating effectiveness, identifying improvements and enhancing the customer experience to maximise revenue.

This approach continually adds value to all assets in the L+R Hotels portfolio – those we manage directly and those managed by third party international hotel groups. We also manage our various joint venture and brand partner relationships, and support the transition process for transforming independent hotels to branded properties. L+R Hotels has a well-deserved reputation for being quick to detect and react to hotel trends and developments, and economic changes, to safeguard and enhance our profitability.

Operational management

We provide direction, supervision and expertise to build each asset’s reputation and turnover, using the areas of expertise that comprise our Value Cycle of Asset Management approach.

We monitor performance across all these areas, ensuring health and safety compliance, identifying potential improvements and developing smart strategies to implement them. Our focus is always on creating positive experiences that exceed guests’ expectations. A hotel’s reputation is built by its staff, so one of the most crucial operations management roles is recruiting and training key hotel personnel, and putting hotel succession plans in place to ensure continuity.


Efficient hotel finance management is integral to the success of L+R Hotels, maintaining our stability and growth through:

  • Complete focus on realising value
  • Managing and optimising cash flow
  • Loan compliance
  • Planning and forecasting – accuracy and delivery
  • Accurate management reporting
  • Tight control of capital expenditure, investments, financing and execution
  • Internal audits to identify opportunities and manage risk
  • Effective implementation of policies and procedures
  • Statutory reporting and compliance
  • Tax support
  • Insurance management

Future GM photo
Food and Beverage
Food and beverage

We deliver food and beverage strategies and support for all of our owned properties, covering:

  • Food and beverage development
  • Menu engineering
  • People management and development
  • Commercial plans and financial support
  • Food and beverage purchasing platform management
  • Space utilisation

Before L+R Hotels acquires a new hotel, we undertake a feasibility study and make food and beverage recommendations, ensuring they are implemented when we take over the property. Our team also introduces new food and beverage concepts in L+R Hotels, covering every stage from concept; market analysis; feasibility studies; recruitment; marketing and PR, commercial, back of house/front of house design support; and final ‘take to market’.


Construction and maintenance are two further areas where our collective experience and knowledge proves its worth. We effectively project manage new hotel builds and refurbishments, including design, engineering and high-end interior fit-out. We also manage maintenance within a precisely structured capital investment budget.


L+R Hotels has a comprehensive approach to hotel design. We take the creative lead in determining the architectural and interior design brief, ensuring it reflects the hotel’s brand identity and culture.

Our experts closely control the whole process: selecting and appointing the design consultants; review the design presentations and detailed specifications; assessing them against our budget; and proceeding to sign-off. We also control project management: reviewing tenders, procuring suppliers and constantly monitoring site progress, through to completion, quality checks, snagging and final hand-over. By having our own in-house design studio to manage design consultants globally, we maintain the L+R Hotels identity, safeguard quality, keep projects on brief and ensure we deliver the best value for our investment.

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